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Accepting Payments (Direct and Supplier)



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    Alan Pugh

    Hi Shadawn!

    It is not currently possible to combine a direct and supplier invoice into a single invoice. However, there is one workaround:

    1. Send the client a supplier invoice
    2. Create a direct invoice for the amount you wish to process, then click Next -> Save (to save without sending)
    3. Use the client's payment information to process payment on the direct invoice using the Pay on Behalf feature

    Just a quick reminder: This forum is for agents to share questions and ideas with each other. If you're looking for support, be sure to click the blue Support button and ask the team directly!

  • Priscilla Powell

    Did you ever get guidance on this?


  • Shadawn Lloyd


    No. I have not received a response to this question yet.

  • Deanna Doubler-McLeod

    I would also like to know if this is possible.  Please advise! Thanks!

  • Nadia Quinonez

    I would just note that on the authorization. Deposit include $100 agency booking fee and remainder xxx

  • Carol Womack

    I see some figures after the total that looks like a processing fee and another larger amount infront of the processing fees but behind the total. What is that. I pray I did this right. And not charged


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