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Consider a Facebook group.



  • Official comment
    Alan Pugh

    Hi everyone!

    Thank you for your feedback. I definitely understand the desire to have an official Facebook group, and I want to be transparent that we are not planning to add this feature at this time for a number of important reasons, including some of the following:

    • Verification - This is the most important one. Our community forum is tied directly to your account to confirm on an ongoing basis if you are still a member. This helps keep out trolls, spam, and competitors looking for the latest news.
    • Privacy - Even in a closed group, content posted to Facebook is subject to their terms and conditions.
    • Bandwidth - As I'm sure you've noticed, I've not spent nearly as much time on this forum as I'd like, and this is literally tied into our Help Center. Adding Facebook to the mix would add a level of complexity and a new set of notifications.
    • Convenience - When you search our Help Center, you'll also see results from our community forum -- so, even if there's not an article from us, there may be a forum post from an agent with a great workaround!

    I do understand that these forums have not been very active, and there are many reasons for that -- the most obvious one is that the only way to find out about the forum is to visit our Tutorials page, and that's something we're going to be working on soon.

    We will continue collecting all feedback on this and other topics and make sure the voice of every agent is heard as we continue to grow. Thanks again for your feedback on this topic!

  • Glynis Freeman

    Definitely create a facebook group for users. Everyone is using facebook to communicate.

  • Tiffany Bynum

    Since this forum is kind of dead...I've created the Facebook group. Feel free to join me.

  • Glynis Freeman

    Done...I just clicked to join. How will you add other users?


  • Pat Thomas, Travel Consultant

    Hello ladies.  The link to the group is not working. Can you please repost or add me Pat Murray-Thomas

  • Judy Franklin

    Travel Agents Using Travel Joy -

  • Shawn Waller

    I love the idea of having a facebook group. I sent a request. Thanks for creating one :-)


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