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Adding a Cancellation Policy to invoice



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    Alan Pugh

    Hi Glynis!

    Each time you send an invoice, there is a Terms & Conditions template included. You choose which template is included by using the Terms & Conditions dropdown inside the gray settings box while creating the invoice.

    You can edit these Terms & Conditions templates by visiting Templates -> Terms & Conditions to make sure your cancellation policy is included!

    Just a quick reminder: This forum is for agents to share questions and ideas with each other. If you're looking for support, be sure to click the blue Support button and ask the team directly!

  • Sophy Bedru

    The terms and conditions in my group page are not in english. How do I change that?

  • Alan Pugh

    Hi Sophy,

    It appears that you're referring to the "Lorem Ipsum" filler text on the Description section of your group booking page. This is sample text -- you can just delete it and type whatever you'd like in its place.


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