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Group Booking Page with Adult and Kid Prices



  • Official comment
    Alan Pugh

    Hi Kara!

    The maximum number of travelers has now been updated to ten per room. You can see this on the third step of building your page, Traveler Info.

    Regarding kids' pricing, we do not offer a specific feature for this just yet. Some agents choose to handle this manually, while others setup kids' pricing as an "Add-On" item.

    Just a quick reminder: This forum is for agents to share questions and ideas with each other. If you're looking for support, be sure to click the blue Support button and ask the team directly!

  • Kamesha Dong


    Have we setup this function yet?  I have a group that also has different pricing for kids and want my clients to have a single invoice instead of one for adults and one for kids.   Thanks!

  • Alan Pugh

    Hi Kamesha! We do not currently have plans on adding a feature for child pricing, though this may change in the future. If we do add this in a future update, we'll be sure to update our Ultimate Guide on Group Booking to reflect the change.

    In the meantime, we continue to recommend the Add-On Item workaround as noted above.


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