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Copy and Paste in Paragraph



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    Alan Pugh

    The Paragraph field in our form builder is reserved for typing in short instructions or details related to your form. It is incompatible with data from Word or HTML sources, as these both contain code.

    Generally, when agents reach out about pasting into a Paragraph field, they may be trying to add some terms and conditions to their forms. However, this is not the proper method to do this. To add terms and conditions to a form template, check out these two guides: 

    1. Create a Terms & Conditions template
    2. How do I add terms and conditions or a credit card authorization to my form template?
  • Danielle Kelley

    I do too...if you copy and then Paste As Plain Text, SOMETIMES it works. I know for me I have to do that several times over before it finally does...which makes me think it may be a glitch...cuz there is no html code in the paragraphs I'm copying and pasting from Word. It's frustrating.

  • Linda Talavera

    And here I thought it was just me! It only works in Templates like email or terms & conditions. It does not work in form building. And right now with all the updating to be done due to Covid, a cut and paste feature in a paragraph would be very helpful


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