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Why am I being asked to re-enter my password?



  • Andrea L Mc Leod

    I have literally worked on a group page for a few hours and then continue to be asked to sign in and then switched to a please check that you are not a robot, then asked to choose from hydrant and crosswalk to street lights and then told I have the wrong password and change it and then back again! PLEASE DO SOMETHING WITH THE LOG IN... THANK YOU!! IT IS TIRESOME...

  • Chelsey Moise

    Hi Andrea! Thank you for posting about this! As this is a specific issue with your account, we aren't able to add as much support via the Community Hub. I was able to see that Caitlin helped you via the ticket you submitted yesterday so if you have additional questions I would highly recommend responding to it!

    If you did not receive it, please check My Requests on the Help Center and all responses to support tickets will be listed there. :) 


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